Learning, Teaching and Training Event in Tenerife March 2023
mayo 19, 2024

Learning Teaching and training activity


Learning, Teaching and Training Event in Tenerife March 2023


The fourth and final Learning, Teaching and Training (LTT) Blended Event, which involved teachers and students, took place in Tenerife from 20th to 25th March 2023. Teachers and students from the Polish, Portuguese and UK schools all attended. There were in total 58 students and 13 members of staff including two from the Coordinating Body, Hackney Education. From the Tenerife project schools, 41 students took part in the LTT activities with 6 members of staff. Also involved were the staff and students from La Laguna University and the Gobierno de las Islas Canarias.

The teachers and other adults participated in the first Multiplier Event with other teachers from various schools in the Canary Islands. This was held at La Laguna University.

Aims of the LTT 4

  • To find out about the education system in the Canary Islands by experiencing a day at the partner schools
  • To learn about the cultural traditions of the Canary Islands
  • To see at first hand the volcano El Teide to bring practical understanding to the work that all schools carried out into volcanoes as part of their CLIL Language and Geography preparatory studies and to explore sightings of the sun at the Astro Physics Laboratory at El Teide as well as observing the flora and fauna
  • To collaborate with students across all the project schools through joint activities to improve understanding and to enhance communication skills and to foster sustainable links between all schools


Day 1: Monday 20th March 

Arrival of all international groups to the airport. Transfer from the airport to the hotel in Puerto de la Cruz. All groups stayed at the same Hotel Acuario. 

Settling in, induction to the course and getting-to-know-you activities.


Day 2: Tuesday 21st March

Buses take the groups to our partner schools.

Parkwood, UK and D. Afonso Henriques, Portugal visit CEIP Maximiliano Gil plus Hackney Education staff 

Viridis Federation, UK, School157 and School 318, Warsaw, Poland visit CEIP Princesa Tejina

The programmes in the schools included welcomes from all students; visiting areas of the school; being interviewed by students on the school Digital Radio; exhibitions of La Gomera Whistling Language; traditional Canarian wrestling – La Lucha Canaria – and a dance – La punta y el tacón. Lunch was eaten in school. Students returned by buses to the hotel to write up their notes of the day, to have the evening meal and to relax.

One of the star activities of this mobility was to plant native tree species of the Canary Islands. This activity was designed thinking of improving the sustainability of this project and in favor of improving the reduction of the carbon footprint that mobility to the Canary Islands entails, the mobilities to this islands must always be by plane.

You can find the photos of this activity in the photo folder

Day 3: Wednesday 22nd March

In the morning, all were taken by buses to La Laguna University. Trainee teachers from the University devised and ran games for the students and took them on a treasure hunt around local places and provided refreshments.

The adults attended the Multiplier Event held at the University. There were 13 international participants and 44 participants from local schools. The Event was videoed. During the break, interviews were conducted with teachers and students.

In the early evening, there were guided walking tours in groups to show the places of historical interest in Puerto de la Cruz.


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