Multiplier Event 22 March 2023 «Salón de Grados de la Facultad de Educación ULL» Tenerife
mayo 19, 2024

Language Acquisition to stimulate CognitiveDevelopment: theory and practice

Multiplier event 22 marzo 2023


On March 22 at the University of La Laguna and within the Erasmus+ Language Acquisition to Stimulate Cognitive Development: theory and practice project, we organized a Multiplier Event to show the most relevant aspects of the development of our project and to disseminate among Canary Islands teachers interested in the CLIL methodology.

In addition to the teachers who are members of this project from Portugal, Poland, the United Kingdom and the Canary Islands, this event was attended by teachers who belong to the CLIL program on the Island of Tenerife. and that they wanted to know first-hand the results obtained in the centers involved in the project.

The main objective of this event was to show the theory and practice that have supported the development of this European project, in addition to publicizing our almost final products, the tool kit and the website and presenting the language acquisition model that is being put into practice in the classrooms of schools in the Canary Islands.

Students from the Canary Islands also presented their schools and how languages ​​work.

Several CLIL centers in the Canary Islands presented their successful experiences for the knowledge of the European assistant teachers who participate in the project.

The technical team of the Ministry of Education made a presentation of this model and its gradual implementation.

This event was broadcast live through our YouTube channel.

We leave here the link to the program, the photos and the broadcast.

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