Transnational Project Meeting Wednesday 2 December 2020 online: “Language Acquisition to stimulate Cognitive Development: theory and practice”
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Erasmus+ Key Action 201 Project

“Language Acquisition to stimulate Cognitive Development: theory and practice”

2020-1-UK01-KA201-079075 From 01/09/2020 – 31/08/2023

1st Transnational Project Meeting Wednesday 2 December 2020 online 

Aims of the meeting:

  • To give partners the chance to meet each other
  • To ensure a joint understanding of the project activities, outputs and responsibilities of each partner
  • To receive initial reports from the responsible partner for each area of work
  • To agree the Project Cooperation Agreement
  • To agree communication and short-term plans for next steps
  • To discuss any issues, including finance queries

Attendance 24 + Finance Officer TPM 1 online 2 December 2020


Bernadette Clinton, Hackney Education (Coordinator), Raquel Tola Rego – Parkwood Primary School, Dawn Alexander-Joseph, Aránzazu Perdomo Pérez – Orchard (Viridis Federation of Primary Schools)


Consejería de Educación, Universidades, Cultura y Deportes del Gobierno de Canarias – Ana Judith Gutiérrez Negrín, Rosa Margarita Aja Quirós, Dacil Cardona Torres, Carmen Artiles Moraleda, Jesús Manuel Hernández Gonzáles

Universidad de La Laguna – Dr Plácido Bazo Martínez

CEIP Princesa Tejina – Andrea Maria Mora, José Daniel Darias Rojas

CEIP Maximiliano Gil Melián – Leonardo José Trujillo Loianno, Adrián García Mendoza


Consejería de Educación de la Embajada de España en Polonia – Antonio José Navarro Betancor, Elena Alonso Pereda, José Ramón Horrillo Estrella.

Szkola Podstawowa nr 157 im. Adama Mickiewicza – Ewa Kowalczyk, Liliana Chwistek, Ewa Reks-Granat

Szkola Podstawowa z Oddzialami Integracyjnymi  nr 318 im. Jana Christiana Andersena w Warszawie -Grzegorz Czarnecki



Agrupamento de Escolas D. Afonso Henriques – Eugenia Alameida, Aurora Ribeiro, Graca Teibao.


Dr Antonio Sosa Alonso – Universidad de La Laguna

Guest – David Johnston: Finance Manager for Hackney Education

Notes from the meeting

Bernadette (UK) gave an introduction to the project She will share the ppt slides with everyone (done)
Baseline Survey – Eugenia (Portugal) presented a draft; amendments were suggested. We should try to include questions about if teachers have had any training on Cognitive Load Theory or Thinking Based Learning whilst training as teachers or as part of professional development

Plácido from ULL informed us that the Research and Evaluation Team at ULL are keen to be involved in developing the research tools both during and at the end of the project, so it will make sense for them to agree the baseline survey before it is distributed.

Eugenia will incorporate suggested amendments. 

Eugenia will send the amended survey to Plácido for the ULL Team to work on before everyone completes the survey.

Antonio (Poland) did a presentation on the staff training and contents of Toolkit Antonio will share his ppt slides with everyone (done)

The first staff training event will take place in Poland in the Spring (this may have to be virtual)

All to send to Antonio ideas about what they would like to be covered in the training, given each person’s needs

Judith (Islas Canarias) did a presentation on developing a website and training on the use of digital tools, including eTwinning Focus agreed
Staff in schools expressed their ideas of what they want to gain from the project Trialling of materials and new approaches in classrooms cannot take place until after the first staff training event. Meanwhile, schools will make contact with each other and pupils will begin to communicate. Year groups to be involved in tasks will be decided when the tasks are agreed on.
The draft timeline of the project was presented and discussed. Order of events agreed in principle but no decisions will be made at the moment about exact dates of activities. We are to decide later if we want to ask for an extension to the end-date of the project
Project Cooperation Agreement discussed The name of the Consejería in Las Canarias needs to be updated; sections 3.4 and 3.5 were queried. Once the grant has been received, we need to agree the exact amount for each partner, given that the grant will have been converted into £s by Hackney’s bank and then will be paid to partners in euros.

The coordinator does not want to pay all the fees incurred in transferring funding to the 10 partners.

Bernadette reported that she needs to attach Certificates of Attendance for all meetings to the Final Report, so will do one for everyone All to send full names of all attendees from each region.
The Finance Manager for Hackney Education attended the last 30 minutes of the meeting and answered questions. Unease was expressed that the National Agencies do not seem to be aware that the partners are part of this project. Questions were raised about the amount and type of evidence that partners need to provide to the coordinator. Bernadette has had an assurance from the British Council that they will inform the other National Agencies about the partner schools.

David to draw up questions to send to the BC to gain clarification on evidence needed from partners and the sharing of costs.

Some partners were unsure as to how to invoice Judith promised to share a template she is using for another project (done)
Publicity – each partner needs to begin to inform local communities about the project Judith reported that today there was an item on Canarian radio about this project.

Bernadette reported that she has a meeting next week with the Director of Education in Hackney where she hopes we will get more support for the project.

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