Transnational Project Meetings: Guimaraes
mayo 19, 2024


Erasmus+ Key Action 201 Project

“Language Acquisition to stimulate Cognitive Development: theory and practice”

2020-1-UK01-KA201-079075 From 01/09/2020 –31/08/2023

2nd Transnational Project Meeting Thursday 7 – Sunday 10 October 2020 AEDAH – Guimarães – Portugal



Aims of the meeting:

  • To get to know each other 
  • To find out about the Portuguese education system and their approach to language learning from staff and students
  • To ensure that all are clear about the objectives of the project and their roles
  • To review progress so far from each partner and hear about their hopes for the outcomes
  • To discuss and agree the baseline survey, website structure, contents of Toolkit and the joint work between schools, and set dates for future events



Bernadette Clinton, Hackney Education (Coordinator)

Raquel Tola Rego – Parkwood Primary School

Dawn Alexander-Joseph and

Aránzazu Perdomo Pérez – Viridis Federation of Primary Schools



Universidad de La Laguna – Dr Plácido Bazo Martínez

CEIP Princesa Tejina – José Daniel Darias Rojas, Maria Montserrat Ruiz Franquiz

CEIP Maximiliano Gil Melián – Leonardo José Trujillo Loianno, Adrián García Mendoza

Consejería de Educación en Canarias – Adrian González Baez


Consejería de Educación de la Embajada de España en Polonia – José Ramón Horrillo Estrella 

SP nr 157 – Liliana Chwistek, 

SP nr 318 -Grzegorz Czarnecki


Agrupamento de Escolas D. Afonso Henriques – Eugenia Almeida, Ana Correia

TPM2 agenda was spread over four days with 6 sessions in total.

October 7,session 1

Welcome to the project partners with the traditional music of Nicolinos de Guimarães, dance and Portuguese music.

In a second moment, partners were divided into groups, whose guides were 8th grade students, and got to know the D. Afonso Henriques School. 

One of the most awaited moments for the students representing the different school years took place in the School Library were they had the opportunity to participate in conversations with the partners, in English.

Welcome by the Diretora, Graça Teibão

Finally, the partners had the opportunity to taste the gastronomic traditions of Guimarães and watch a small exhibition of the most characteristic handicraft of the city. Portuguese Teachers and Staff were present.


8 October, session 2 – morning

Partners visited Alto da Bandeira School where they had the opportunity to observe Kindergarten classes and 1st to 4th grade classes, one of which was English. There was an opportunity to talk to pupils, teachers and staff. 

Back to D. Afonso Henriques School, the class observation went through Laboratory Activities, where it was possible to watch and participate in the experiments performed by the students.

The second observation was a Debate about slavery, in a 6th grade class, moderated by a student. Several students participated in English. 

Then there were classroom experiments and observation of an IT lesson with 5 graders pupils.

Session 3 – afternoon

took place in the afternoon with the presentation of the Portuguese Educational System and the Language Teaching Approach, by Eugénia, Aurora and Ana

Bernadette, as Coordinator, made the introduction to project objectives and role of each partner and timeline.

Input from each partner about their current CLIL/language acquisition approach and where they want to be at end of project; 

Plácido Bazo Martínez talked about the baseline survey, Adrián González on proposed structure of website and at the end a discussion on the Toolkit.

9 October, Session 4 – morning 

Split into 2 groups: partners based in schools discussed and agreed joint activities to be carried out between now and summer 2022; others discussed website, Toolkit, possible articles for journals, ways to further develop practice and feedback.

Session 5 – afternoon 

Walking Tour of Historic Centre of Guimarães – guide Goretti (teacher of History – AEDAH)


10 October, Session six morning

Debriefing on how TPM2 was organised by AEDAH.

Discussion and agreement on the outline plan for the training in summer 2022 for staff plus students in London, UK. Activities in schools and landmarks to visit in London city.


Eugénia Almeida

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